A questionnaire on life

What is life? There are a million answers to this question and it’s very much valid because every person is living his life in his own unique way. So everyone has a unique answer to it. Next question is what is happiness? Again a million answers. For me answer to ‘what is life?’ is Happiness and vice versa. Because no matter what you do or where you are or how old you are, if you are not happy then you don’t value what you have. You have life. You have time. Everyday people find out that they are sick and it’s incurable. They understand what I mean when I say that life and happiness are answers for each other. It’s funny how we try to make each day count once anyone tells us that we don’t have much time left. So whoever you are, wherever you are right now, I can tell you that life isn’t always fair. You don’t know what is going to happen right next moment. So tell me something. Are you ‘being human’ or are you just another ‘human being’ waiting for his miracle? Are you really happy or are you just acting really happy? If it’s the latter then you really need to look beyond the fact that life is full of thorns. No doubt life has thorns. But roses have thorns too. Still we give it to the person we love the most. So just unburden yourself from whatever is not letting you live happily. Because life just doesn’t mean getting through the days somehow, it means making the most of every second of every daY. Because ‘que sera sera’. So live your life before it’s too late, before someone tells you that you don’t have much time left. Because the biggest moments in our life, the moments that can change everything we know or we thought we knew, happen just in the nick of time. So make the most of what all you have because believe me what you have is much more than a lot of other people.