Story of flipkart’s disturbing and irritating customer service

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I ordered an ipad from Flipkart and the day that it was supposed to be delivered to me, the delivery guy got his bag stolen and it had my package in it.
I kept calling EKart the whole day on the day of delivery but no one picked up my call for hours. I then got the personal contact number of the delivery executive from Flipkart helpline and when I contacted him, he told me that the bag got stolen. The bag was stolen in the afternoon but that information wasn’t known to Flipkart even until the late night. I called Flipkart about this and they told me that we still don’t know about this issue so we can’t help you.
When I contacted Flipkart, their senior executive told me that they could not do anything, raise any complaint or let me know what they would do to remedy the situation. He told me that there was a strong probability that the order would be canceled in case the bag was stolen ( they would not deliver a new product to me but cancel the order altogether). I asked him to cancel my order and he did and he told me that the money will be refunded within 4-6 working days. This all happened on 31 May 2017 and it’s 15 June 2017 today but money has still not been refunded.
I purchased the product using No Cost EMI option and since the Flipkart hasn’t refunded money yet, the EMI has already been charged to me by the bank in my current statement. Even when they do refund the money, the interest which bank charges (flipkart took that much amount less from me so it became no cost in that case) will have to be borne by me. I lost a lot of money even when it’s not my fault. Heck, I didn’t even get the product.
When I contacted them on 13th afternoon, they told me that they had raised a complaint and escalated my issue and that the backend team will contact me. Why could that guy on the phone himself not solve my issue ? They told me that the team will contact me by 16th. Wow FLIPKART. It takes 3 days to just make a call to a customer even when the issue is escalated. We are living in the 21st century right now so please join us.
I called them on 15th afternoon again and then the guy told me that the backend team tried to contact me on 15th morning at some time and that my phone was not reachable. They didn’t even try twice. The message I got from Flipkart said that I would get a call from a number starting from +9180679. I have missed calls alert on Vodafone texts me every call that couldn’t get through but there was no call from any such number like this. He said that he will now again put a priority on my case. Again ?!?
I still don’t know when someone from your magical backend support team will call me and how much time will they take to resolve this but I can ensure you that I am done with Flipkart from now on. Congrats on losing a loyal customer.
Really Flipkart? Your crazy valuation is going down all the time. Your prices are going up. You are looking nowhere near breaking even keeping your current burn rate in mind. You are making returns harder ( probably a good thing, but boy will it hurt your revenue! ).
The only good thing that you had was an awesome customer service but EVEN THAT JUST GOT MESSED UP. CONGRATULATIONS.
I have one question though.
How long do you think that your company will survive now?
PS I stopped myself from writing this at least 3-4 times because of the love & respect I have for your technical team who have managed to make such an awesome product and I didn’t want them to be affected by this but kudos to your awesome service (being sarcastic, in case you didn’t quite catch it) at every step, I am forced to write this.



It’s 6th November today. You all knew the date but something that you didn’t know is that this day is probably the greatest day of the year for any Sikh. Not just because it’s the birth day of who this world knows as a true Guru, Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the first Guru of Sikhs. But who really are Sikhs? These are the people who can give away their life for good of someone and who can also take someone’s life for the good of someone. We’re not devils. We’re the saviors. We have sacrificed a lot. Starting right from Guru Nanak Dev Ji to Guru Gobind Singh Ji , we have sacrificed our family for the good of the common people. We have our pride. We live by a code which the world happens to call righteousness.

We don’t boast about all that we have given to this world, all that we have sacrificed for the people who aren’t even from our religion because we have always believed that God is one. ‘ Saheb mera eko hai (I have One and only One God, the True Lord) ‘ and ‘ Ek Onkar ( God is One ) ‘ . These words were recited by Guru Nanak Dev ji. We Sikhs are the people who give true meaning to the word ‘equality’ . We have always treated the king and his servant the same way. We have loved all living beings the same way. We don’t discriminate.

We Sikhs are not bound by the rituals that mislead. When Guru Nanak Dev Ji was born, he said that he would never wear a thread that some pandit said is sacred. He abandoned all these practices and misconceptions that the world was tangled up in. We Sikhs have a history that will just awaken the humanity and good virtues of even those people who think that they can feel happy only when they hurt people. I won’t even start quoting instances from history because the greatness just won’t come to an end and then at some point you’ll start doubting whether it’s all true.

Everything that we have ever shared with this world is love even when we were treated with hatred. We have suffered a lot. We have gone through stuff that people wouldn’t begin to imagine. Our people have been killed by our very own countrymen. Innocent Sikh people have been killed and not just killed, Sikh men had to see their wives and daughters go through something I can’t even put in words and when those demonic spirits were done with their evil deeds, they’d kill our men. I think I am deviating from the road I wanted to travel. I just wanted to share that we Sikhs just might be the most loving and caring people in the world. We haven’t seen justice being brought to our people who went through hell in 1984, people who lost their souls (you can just add their families, their respect and everything that a human holds close to him, to the list of things that they lost) .

To describe us, I can say that we are lions but we don’t hunt unless we’re really really hurt. But when we hunt, you’d rue the day you ever decided to mess with us. We Sikhs can tolerate a lot and that’s specifically the reason why we love so much and hate to hate anyone. We are not the kind of people to praise ourselves but when there’s too much of partiality going on then at some point you need to start looking for your own. No one praises Sikhs for all the good they do but they don’t leave any occasion to prove that we are the bad people. During the disaster which hit Jammu and Kashmir, food for around 1,00,000 people was prepared daily from the holiest shrine of the Sikhs, The Golden Temple (Sri Harmandir Sahib), but no one talked about it. It feels like people today have decided to make us look bad. The langar served in Gurudwaras are a everyday livelihood support to thousands of people in the capital of our country but we never got any appreciation. We don’t do it because we expect something in return but atleast we deserve a fair chance to live our lives with freedom.

We haven’t seen justice in last 30 years and still we love and care for every person just like one of our own. So the next time you see a guy in turban with a beard and a moustache that’s has never been cut, trust me you can count on that guy to help you if what you want to do is not wrong.

A hearty congratulations to everyone on the occasion of Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s birthday.

I wrote this not to boast about us Sikhs, but just to share that we will love you like you would never expected so just accept us truly with your hearts. I apologize if I said anything that might have hurt any of you in any way.

Dhan Dhan Guru Nanak Dev Ji de janam divas di sab nu lakh lakh vadhayi hove ji.

– Gagandeep Singh Suri

A questionnaire on life

What is life? There are a million answers to this question and it’s very much valid because every person is living his life in his own unique way. So everyone has a unique answer to it. Next question is what is happiness? Again a million answers. For me answer to ‘what is life?’ is Happiness and vice versa. Because no matter what you do or where you are or how old you are, if you are not happy then you don’t value what you have. You have life. You have time. Everyday people find out that they are sick and it’s incurable. They understand what I mean when I say that life and happiness are answers for each other. It’s funny how we try to make each day count once anyone tells us that we don’t have much time left. So whoever you are, wherever you are right now, I can tell you that life isn’t always fair. You don’t know what is going to happen right next moment. So tell me something. Are you ‘being human’ or are you just another ‘human being’ waiting for his miracle? Are you really happy or are you just acting really happy? If it’s the latter then you really need to look beyond the fact that life is full of thorns. No doubt life has thorns. But roses have thorns too. Still we give it to the person we love the most. So just unburden yourself from whatever is not letting you live happily. Because life just doesn’t mean getting through the days somehow, it means making the most of every second of every daY. Because ‘que sera sera’. So live your life before it’s too late, before someone tells you that you don’t have much time left. Because the biggest moments in our life, the moments that can change everything we know or we thought we knew, happen just in the nick of time. So make the most of what all you have because believe me what you have is much more than a lot of other people.